DEARhealth: Chronic Disease Management Platform

DEARhealth Launches AI-powered Chronic Disease Management Platform for Providers in Epic App Orchard

Solution for improving health outcomes and reducing costs of complex, chronic diseases

VENICE, California., May 27th, 2020: DEARhealth Inc., a health tech company focused on AI-powered disease management, announced today the global launch of its DEARhealth platform in the Epic App Orchard online marketplace. DEARhealth offers AI-powered care pathways for multiple chronic conditions and integrates with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, giving providers easy access to goal-oriented recommendations. Organizations using Epic, including health systems, hospitals, and clinics, can now access DEARhealth directly through the marketplace instead of traditional external integration, saving significant time, costs, and staff resources.

"Our advanced technology draws on the collective intelligence and experience of medical experts, scientists, and big data analytics to continuously deliver improved health outcomes and control costs in the most complex of chronic diseases," said DEARhealth CEO Dr. Daniel Hommes. "Inclusion in Epic's online marketplace allows DEARhealth to scale across organizations using Epic as their EMR, and we were pleased to work with Epic on achieving this important milestone."

DEARhealth features include:

  • A Recommender function that incorporates multiple risk-associated features to generate daily recommendations for providers, aimed at improving individual patient outcomes.
  • Pre-built care pathways for a wide range of disease areas, allowing highly coordinated care across multiple settings and fully customizable to fit the needs of local ecosystems.
  • A companion app for patients and caregivers with various support modules, including medication adherence, disease education, COVID-19 functionality, and direct messaging.

Epic App Orchard is an online marketplace of solutions certified by Epic Systems for distribution to the Epic community. DEARhealth was approved after a rigorous evaluation process, which included ensuring DEARhealth's software is market-ready, complies with applicable regulations, laws, and privacy protections, and has the appropriate polices in place regarding safety issues, security vulnerabilities, and privacy breaches.

"Integrating new software in healthcare organizations is extremely challenging and can take months to years," said DEARhealth Chief Product Officer Dr. Aria Zand. "Organizations using Epic can now access DEARhealth more quickly, while remaining confident that our solution meets Epic's privacy and security requirements."

"Vast amounts of data are collected in healthcare but we've traditionally lacked the ability to take this data and meaningfully improve individualized patient care," said David Ehrlich, DEARhealth board chairman and CEO of Aktana. "DEARhealth processes this readily available data, and combines scientific evidence, clinical expertise, and AI-driven recommendations to streamline healthcare processes."

About DEARhealth

DEARhealth is a health tech company founded in 2011, by senior University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) medical experts to transform healthcare by using AI-powered care pathways for chronic disease management. DEARhealth is a validated, AI-driven service that has been successfully implemented in large health systems, in disease areas such as inflammatory bowel diseases, epilepsy, and ovarian cancer. DEARhealth's partners include health systems, providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies globally. Investors in DEARhealth include Philips Health Technology Ventures, Vesalius Biocapital III, and Health Innovations. To learn more about DEARhealth visit www.dearhealth.com or contact info@dearhealth.com.

Corporate Contact:
Daniel Hommes

Media Contact:
Susan Thomas Principal, Endpoint Communications
(619) 540-9195

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