Mecuris GmbH: New CEO at the helm

Industry expert Peter Fröhlingsdorf is the new Managing Director of Munich-based MedTech company Mecuris

Munich, Germany / February 10th, 2020. – Successful Munich-based medical technology company Mecuris will be led by a new CEO, Peter Fröhlingsdorf (50), a renowned industry expert. Since the beginning of January this year, Fröhlingsdorf has been managing the business of the up-and-coming medtech scale-up. The main goal for this financial year is to lead the company from the start-up into the growth phase. The CEO's expertise and numerous years of industry know-how will be decisive in this process.

Peter Fröhlingsdorf

Peter Fröhlingsdorf has been working in medical technology for 25 years. He is very well networked throughout the industry. Fröhlingsdorf's career began at rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit GmbH, one of the most innovative medical supply stores in Germany. Here, he learned the craft of orthopaedic technology. In addition to gaining experience in the workshop and as afield sales employee, later he rose to the position of Operations Manager. He subsequently worked for five years as Clinical Manager for Bionics at the well-known Icelandic manufacturer Össur, before his professional journey took him back to his roots at rahm in 2011. There he took over the position of Sales Director, wherein he was the driving force behind the introduction of the 3D printing process into production. Most recently, Fröhlingsdorf opened up new markets as Managing Director of Kinova Europe GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers in the field of assistive robot technology.

Peter Fröhlingsdorf

"We are pleased to be able to fill the position of Managing Director at Mecuris with an outstanding expert in technical orthopedics. Mr. Fröhlingsdorf's many years of management experience, both in manufacturing and directly in part as a service providers, are the right prerequisite for the company's successful next steps", states Johannes Schneider-Littfeld, Chairman of the Mecuris Advisory Board. Together with the former managing directors from the founding team, Manuel Opitz and Wolf-Peter Werner, the top management of the company could thus be further strengthened and expanded. Manuel Opitz, as the new COO, is focusing specifically on optimizing of the operative business, especially with regard to the MDR guidelines which will come into force in May 2020. Wolf-Peter Werner continues to fully concentrate on his activities as CFO.

Goal for 2020: Mecuris as a genuine partner for orthopaedic technicians

Fröhlingsdorf's main goal is to foster Mecuris' increasing recognition as a significant player in the O&P industry, nationally and internationally. Mecuris' main focus is to support CPOs (certified prosthetists and orthotists) in their daily work. This enables CPOs to make the transition into the digital age without expensive or long term binding software licences and extensive digital training. Especially in a traditional trade such as orthopedic technology, reservations, and fear of contact are a given at the beginning of the process. This is where Mecuris counters these hesitations with its intuitive and easy-to-use digital workshop, the Mecuris Solution Platform. In close collaboration with CPOs, Mecuris has developed digital workflows and products which make 3D technologies and 3D printing accessible as easily as possible. Consolidating these services and offering additional ones will, therefore, also be a goal for Fröhlingsdorf. "Mecuris is spearheading the digitalization movement in orthopedic technology. We of course, want to expand this role further." says Peter Fröhlingsdorf.

About Mecuris

Mecuris teams up with certified prosthetists and orthotists (CPOs) to move orthopedic care into the digital age. Bringing together 3D technologies into one intuitive Mecuris Solution Platform, the company found a way to simplify the CPOs work and transform the way to design and use orthopedic devices. Mecuris enriches wearers' lives by enabling medical professionals to design their product ideas on our intuitive digital platform - without any CAD design knowledge. This means patients can quickly regain their mobility, show their individuality, and become active again faster. Thanks to full CE-mark and ISO certification, Mecuris' products meet the highest safety standards and are reimbursed by all health insurance funds in Germany.

Mecuris - You. Create.

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